Pierre Delavie Tricks Minds with Deceptively Warped Buildings

 - Aug 6, 2014
References: pierredelavie & designtaxi
As far as trompe l'oeil architecture go, French artist Pierre Delavie has it nailed. He uses canopies and canvases to create realistic illusions that will have people believing that they are living in the dream world of 'Inception.' Unfortunately, there is no Leonardo DiCaprio to help make sense of the warped buildings. Instead, people will have to rely on their own senses to determine what is real and what is not.

Titled 'architectural abduction,' the trompe l'oeil architecture illusions are impressively large-scale. Some of installations are simple, others are more elaborate, but all of them play with people's perceptions in a big way. This is especially the case since many of his chosen sites appear to revolve around landmarks that both locals and tourists would be interested in. The trompe l'oeil architecture touches make them even more special.