These Triangular Shaped Bookends Can Hold Up the Heaviest of Books

DANIEL/EMMA designed a piece that emphasizes minimalism and simplicity with its triangle-shaped bookends. Bookends can be used for a variety of reasons -- to add a pop of color, to showcase interesting design or can act as unique conversation piece. DANIEL/EMMA's newest design does all of this.

Made from a single block of granite, the bookends are available in a dark black finish or classic black and gray. Despite its small frame, even the heaviest and longest series of books will be protected. Because of its granite-base, each bookend is deceptively heavy.

Its simple color options only make the bookends stand out even more, often contrasted against a multi-colored array of books. The bookends are extremely sleek in design, and the clean lines make for a unique and contemporary accessory that will elevate any bookcase.