HotScamp T-Rex T-Shirts are Hilariously Interactive

 - Mar 19, 2013
References: hotscamp
When wearing clothing with a message, many want onlookers to read this writing, and this T-rex T-shirt by HotScamp sends a unique and rather obscure signal to the reader.

When you put on this HotScamp T-rex T-shirt you are putting on a garment that reads, "Ask Me About My T-Rex." Each shirt has the dinosaur face printed on the inside of the garment. If an unsuspecting individual does what the shirt says and asks you about your T-Rex, you are supposed to flip the shirt inside out and put it over your head exposing your chest and stomach and replacing your face with a dinosaur face. It's really all a bit overwhelming.

These T-rex T-shirts are available in six different colors and the witty phrases are printed on jersey cotton.