The Times: Trend Hunter TV Featured

 - Jan 8, 2009
The Frock Report at The Times featured Trend Hunter TV this week, in a special feature on fashion trends for the new year. The episode The Times chose was called ‘Credit Crunch Couture,’ and can be seen above.

An excerpt from The Frock Report feature:

The dawning of each new year brings with it an abundance of futurists, necromancers and fortune tellers reading the entrails and casting the bones so that we less prescient mortals will have an inkling of impending developments.

Web based have produced this little vid - their top trend for 2009 " no 1. CREDIT CRUNCH COUTURE (Economy / Fashion) – From DIY jewelry to home-made shoes, the rediscovery of individual clothing is being fuelled by our troubled economy. Interest in DIY is even sparking top designers like Hermes, with their DIY status bags and Vivienne Westwood who showcased a collection of clothing made from towels, curtains and scrap material. "

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