The Trees of 40 Fruit Yields Different Crops Via Singular Stumps

 - Jul 24, 2014
References: treeof40fruit & foodbeast
The Trees of 40 Fruit has been designed by New York artist Sam Van Aken. Growing by way of each stump are an assortment of delectable crops including cherries, plums, apricots and peaches, all sprouting from the same source.

Aken developed the Trees of 40 Fruit in partnership with the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, hence his application of an avant-garde chip grafting system that has enabled the plant to collaboratively cultivate numerous types of produce.

Come spring and summer, the arboreal feat gives off vibrant pink and purple colors, adding to the mysterious and enchanting qualities that are tied to the project. Currently, 16 Trees of 40 Fruit have been planted throughout the U.S.