DELI Uses a Travel Quiz to Make Suggestions for Entertainment & Activities

 - Nov 24, 2014
References: delistockholm & deliamsterdam
A guide book is good to have on hand when you're traveling, but they're certainly not one-size-fits-all—knowing this, DELI proposes sightseeing a little differently with a unique travel quiz that suggests entertainment and activities based on your personality.

Since everybody experiences the same cities a little bit differently, DELI uses a personality algorithm to dive deeper into what you might find most interesting to do in cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London and Stockholm. In order to suggest the best activities for each city, the quiz asks you about what style of shoe suits you best, your favorite alcoholic drink and how you prefer to spend most of your free time in order to give you a tailored travel guide to some of the world's hottest cities.