Land Rover's Cameras Turn Trailers Into Transparent Cars

 - Sep 9, 2015
References: landrover & gizmodo
Land Rover has developed technology that makes your rear trailer virtually disappear, making it seem as though you have transparent car behind you. Driving with a trailer can be extremely dangerous, leaving large blind spots directly behind your car. Through strategically placed cameras, researchers at Land Rover are able to capture the area around your car as if the trailer wasn't there, allowing for easy and safe maneuvering.

In combining the existing rearview camera, side-mirror cameras and new cameras placed behind the trailer creates a visual effect as though the trailer is not there. Its purpose however is to allow drivers to see directly behind and beside their trailers.

All the cameras are combined and the feed is sent to the rearview screen creating the perception that the trailer is see-through. With this technology, drivers will be able to see exactly what is behind them, and even keep an eye on their cargo, making sure it is safe.