The SpaceTop Computer Lets Users Reach into 3D Space to Manipulate Files

 - Mar 2, 2013
References: leejinha & psfk
The transparent 3D laptop revolution is coming folks.

Developed by MIT grad student Jinha Lee, and unveiled at the TED conference in Long Beach, California, the SpaceTop is a PC that allows true transparent 3D manipulation on the part of the user. The SpaceTop computer opens up much like a laptop, but with a transparent 3D LED screen. The keyboard is situated underneath the screen, so you can see your hands clearly through the screen. From there, users can manipulate the computer through hand gestures that are read through two cameras. One camera reads the position of the user's hands, while the other reads the user's eyes for proper perspective.

Computer developers have been trying to replace and enhance the standard computer mouse and keyboard setup for 30 years now, and the SpaceTop may be the computer design to actually pull it off.