The Transition Lamp Marries the Style and Functionality of City and Country

 - Feb 6, 2014
The designer of the Transition Lamp suggests that urban and rural settings are not so different and that many of the people who leave one world and enter the other are able to get along fine with a few simple lifestyle changes. With this lighting project, André Simón strove to represent the merging of the two environments with a piece that takes aesthetic and functional elements from both sorts of areas.

The main frame of the floor lamp has been assembled from sanded wooden posts that form a sturdy tripod base, a continuing upright pole and a couple of additional bent segments that act as a hanger. The lightbulb suspends from the end of the timber tip, from which it can be removed and moved about from the generous length of its red cord. The material choices and the flexibility of the Transition Lamp do well to bridge the gap between city and country domestic objects.