This Transformer USB Flash Drive is More Than Meets the Eye

 - Dec 6, 2013
References: thisiswhyimbroke & fancy
As if it weren't hard enough to stay focused on your work, the good people of Transformers have seen fit to create a Transformer USB flash drive.

The Transformer USB flash drive holds 8gb of memory and is designed to look like the evil transforming jungle cat, Ravage. When transformed into its beastly jungle cat state, it features a black body with the purple decepticon logo displayed on its neck, its eyes are red, the legs are silver and malleable, allowing you to display Ravage with pride on your desk at work. In USB form, the head flips into its body, revealing the actual USB drive while the limbs and tail fold into the side of the body giving it a rectangular form.

Whether your on the side of the good autobots or the evil decepticons, ensuring you have ample room on your flash drive is the key to victory.