The D*Hause Company Builds 8 Configuration Transformer House

 - Nov 20, 2012
References: & gizmag
Never get tired of your home's look with this transformer house that folds into eight different configurations.

A product of The D*Hause Company, the house is called the D*Dynamic. It uses a mathematical equation called Haberdasher's Puzzle, which allows "an equilateral triangle cut into four parts to be folded into a square while all pieces remain in contact with at least one other," according to

With eight shape options, the transformer house design makes it uber adaptable and suitable for extreme climates. For instance, in the winter the house can be set up so the insulated walls stand up to the cold. Those same walls are basically turned inside out in the summer, exposing glazed panels. Even throughout the course of a day, the house can be rotated so certain rooms follow the sun and benefit from sunlight all day.