'Trains at Night' Shows the Majesty of the Rails in Bright Lights

 - Apr 8, 2014
References: ihearttrains.us & laughingsquid
'Trains at Night' is a compelling photo series by William Gill. The photo series illuminates railroads with passing trains to get a clear and illuminated still shot of the trains passing by at night.

The idea of a photo series about trains may not be so interesting because the use of trains has steeply declined. The design of a train is still rustic and mesmerizing though and when properly documented they can make for amazing photos. This photo series goes to different locations and takes perfectly lighted photos from a variety of different angles.

What makes the photo series so good is how the lighting sits against the trains in the dark. Trains at Night makes something very basic into something very beautiful by simply using patience and good coordinated lighting.