This Bike Loaning Service Includes Training Wheels

 - Sep 21, 2015
References: psfk
'Rollaway Bicycle' is a Brazilian bike loaning service that offers training wheels for children learning to ride. While there are a number of bike rental platforms in operation, these services are largely aimed at urban commuters. This new program places the focus directly on parents and their children.

Rollaway Bicycle operates as a partnership between a cooperative medical system called 'Unimed' and a newspaper called 'People's Daily.' The aim of the new service is to encourage exercise and outdoor play by introducing children to bicycles. The bikes are small enough for children to ride and they come with training wheels for those that are still learning. Not only do the children benefit from the service, but adults also gain a valuable opportunity to bond with their children.

The service provides an opportunity for families who cannot afford bicycles to give their child the experience of learning to ride.