The Maria Chair Fans Outwards to Mimic Traditional Mexican Dresses

 - Jan 17, 2014
References: vdoop
Mexico-based design studio Arquiteknia has designed its newest chair addition called the Maria Chair that looks like traditional Mexican dresses.

Known for their purpose in creating structures that have contemporary Mexican influences, the studio prides itself on creating works that combine modern architecture and the rich traditions of the Mexican culture. The fan-like sitting chair was inspired by the traditional ruffling of a women’s Mexican dress rotating in the wind. The coaxial chair consists of organized rectangular wooden panels made from solid Banak wood. The elongated extensions are fitted with woven fabric that interlace the wooden sections. The structure is delicately held together through the use of lag screws and white glue.

The result is an extremely visually stunning work of art that mimics the outward fanning of a ruffled dress. The entire piece of furniture that measures one meter in diameter.