'Toxic V' by Christian Ingrosso Has a Colorful Blue-Hued Theme

Photographer Christian Ingrosso captures Valentina Leone in a hazy outdoor shoot called 'Toxic V.' Catching a break from the heat, she stands in the shade of trees relishing in the cool temperature.

The vibrant colors and her tattoos suggest she's a city chick who enjoys her time outdoors. Her makeup and clothes have a lot of color, contrasting the neutral landscape behind her. Her tie-dyed leggings and rainbow KISS logo crop top are fun fashions that come back in the summer time.

'Toxic V' has a lot of sass and flare. The sultry model exudes confidence and femininity but there's also an edge of rocker chic. Her tattoos cover her whole left forearm and her deep aqua blue eye shadow really emphasize the heated look in her eyes.