The Towel Thuggie is an Edgy Way to Keep Dry at the Beach

 - Sep 10, 2014
References: thuggies & thuggies
If you ever wished you could be a bit more bro at the beach you'll want to check out the Towel Thuggie. Thuggies is a Canadian company known for its tall-tee hoodie, also called a Thuggie. The Towel Thuggie, as its name suggests, is meant to help you dry off while still looking awesome. There are a few things that set the Towel Thuggie apart from normal bathrobes.

For starters, bathrobes aren't sleeveless nor are they designed to make you look awesome/be taken to the beach. The Towel Thuggie is also more functional than a typical robe in that you don't need to wear it only when drying off. It's light enough and fashionable to be worn around and looks perfect for escaping sunburns. The Towel Thuggie is available in three styles and colors.