The WHOOSH Towel Dryer Forgoes the Need for Electronic Methods of Drying

 - Apr 11, 2017
References: kickstarter
The WHOOSH Towel Dryer is a useful product that aims to save individuals the cost and time it takes to do their laundry using appliances.

The efficient device can be installed easily and provides constant air flow that is directed at the towel that hangs on it. It has a pre-set timer of three hours after which it turns of automatically, and can dry towels quick enough that they can be used the next day. It is able to reduce the time it takes to air dry a towel by less than half, and its ability to save money, time and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to using a machine dryer makes it appealing to many different consumers.

The WHOOSH Towel Dryer is ideal for those seeking to reduce their environmental impact or for those who do not have laundry appliances in the home.