The Touchless Towel Dispenser is Perfect for the Kitchen

 - Jul 26, 2013
References: thegadgetflow
The 'Touchless Towel Dispenser' is a must-have kitchen essential. While standard paper tower holders have kept your paper towel rolls in one place as opposed to cluttering different areas of your kitchen, this towel dispenser does the same job plus eliminates the risk of spreading germs on the entire roll.

Usually when you're ripping off a sheet of paper, you have to hold the entire roll or the next sheet of paper just to get one sheet. If your hands are dirty from cooking or picking up messes, the germs have now infected unused paper. Another common problem is ripping off more paper than intended, which is neither environmentally friendly or cost efficient. By waving your hand in front of the sensor, you will get one sheet at a time, helping you save paper.

The 'Touchless Towel Dispenser' is only $50 and worth the money, as it works with all paper towel brands and both standard and half-sized sheets.