This Software Brings Touch Sensitivity Technology to Smartphones

 - May 27, 2016
References: & gizmag
A group of engineers and researchers working out of the University of Michigan have developed extraordinarily futuristic touch sensitivity software that is designed to bring the wonders of touch sensitivity typing, scrolling and general interfacing to the latest and greatest Apple smartphones.

What's great about this particular touch sensitivity software is the fact that it is capable of creating pressure sensitivity by taking advantage of the phone's speaker and microphone. It works by playing tones out of the speaker at a frequency that is too high for humans to be able to hear. However, the microphone can pick up vibrations. Therefore when the user sets their phone down, the tone is altered, and this prompts the software to detect the change and translate it into a desired action.

This touch sensitivity software could make it easier to achieve functionality such as being able to to squeeze your phone to access emergency services.