Torque Audio's Latest Headphones Feature a Sound Revolution

 - Apr 9, 2015
The t103 by Torque Audio are a pair of customizable headphones created with the brand's patent pending Passive Acoustic Valve Technology.

The PAVT gives users the option of interchanging the TorqueValves, allowing them to customize their listening experience to better suit their preferences. The headphones themselves come with three TorqueValves: a deep valve to accentuate the lows, a clear valve to accentuate the highs and a reference valve for those seeking a more balanced sound. The t103 also comes equipped with a full bandwidth dynamic driver, an iOS-compatible remote, silicone ear tips with passive noise reduction, and a travel optimized case.

Torque Audio recognizes the power of quality, precision and customization, and it offers all three in the exceptional t103 model.