The Torq Nutcracker is a Useful Tool with Stunning Aesthetics

 - Feb 28, 2018
References: joshowen & yankodesign
The Torq nutcracker is an elegant and functional tool that is both useful and and visually pleasing. Inspired by industrial components, the Torq is an exploration in unassuming aesthetics, pleasant design details and a fun user-driven experience. Part toy and part utility tool, the nutcracker has always been a device that brings amusement and the Torq is no exception to this.

Designed by Josh Owens, the Torq nutcracker is completely 3D-printed from steel and sports a striking matte black paint job. A concavity can be found on the bottom deck of the Torq and features a design that doubles as a competent grip for nuts about to be cracked. Like a vice grip, the top spiral is twisted down onto the nut slowly to exert pressure and crack it.