Places + Faces Employed Yicong Li to Muse Its Toronto T-Shirts

'Places + Faces,' a Toronto-based clothing label that tributes its city with a variety of graphic streetwear, expanded its collection with a Toronto t-shirt that is promotes through an editorial that stars Canadian model Yicong Li.

The graphic lettering on the front of the shirt reads "Checked Into the P+F Hotel," with the brand's acronym replacing the word "Drake" which is crossed out, in reference to a popular city location. On the back of the shirt, the words "Stay Woke" appear, which work to appeal to the younger demographic of urban dwellers that it aims to sell to.

As the Toronto t-shirt from Places + Faces shows, as well as the apparel from many other recent city-centered labels, it seems that the Toronto identity is becoming one that consumers are increasingly interested in showing off.