If You Want to Nab a Toronto Internship Follow These Steps

 - Mar 12, 2013
References: facebook & dailyinfographic
If you're a recent graduate who's considering a job in a big city, like acting as an assistant in NYC or taking on a Toronto internship, deciding what career path you want to go down first is the first hurdle. If you've just graduated, chances are you're going to have more than just a clue of what you want to do with the rest of your life.

To begin, you should break down the factors that go into choosing a career, whether it be as a financial advisor or working in a social media job. Factors you should take into consideration include the industries that are going to grow over the next few years, how much training you need and your level of job satisfaction.

From journalism jobs to training to be a nurse, it's important to explore what will suit your personality best. Experiences like working as a journalism intern or volunteering at a local art gallery will set you apart from the crowd.