Gold, Vintage, Accessories and Minimalism

 - Jan 13, 2009
References: homes-suite-homes
This year’s hip home designs are going to be about minimalizing on furniture and accessories and creating a sense of a classic, vintage look.

If you want to make a very bold fashion statement with your room, decide on a single piece of furniture to let people know what you’re really about! Furniture such as an extraordinary sofa, an extravagant chandelier or a fanciful gold leafed mirror is a must! Gold is the colour for this season, but whatever furniture you decide to use, be bold but minimal, and make a statement with your furniture!

A way to afford all this luxury gold and statement pieces needn’t be expensive at all. This is the season for the fashionably conscious to try new adventures into the world of charity shop shopping and car boot sale hunting. You can find really authentic-looking mirrors, vases, cushion covers and anything else you’ll need. The classical era has come around again!

This season’s key concept is accessories, accessories, accessories! I can’t stress enough the importance of using accessories this season to create a homely feel that will not only brighten your mood after a long day at work, but it will also make visitors feel very welcomed. They will definitely want to come back! So be cautious if you have those family types who over-stay their welcome, in which case I would stop reading now! if you’re still reading then i can only recommend that you also read The Homes Suite Homes Blog!

Try not to overdo any look you decide on because this year it’s about having the minimalist look: like you didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about the design at all! It is easy to end up with a room that looks and feels cluttered and over worked!

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