This Inception-Inspired Top Pen Lid will Keep You in Touch with Reality

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: kickstarter
Your grip on reality will never slip away from you when you have your very own spinning top pen lid. Inspired by the totem used in the movie 'Inception,' the lids of these pens all detach to create tops. As Dominick Cobb fights with his concept of reality in the movie, you won't have to as you will have your totem with you whenever you are writing.

The Totem pen comes with three different top lids; The 'Tipp,' which once spun, will flip upside-down and spin on the handle; the 'Totem,' which is identical to the top used in 'Inception,' and finally the 'Teetotum' that acts like six-sided die. All of these Totem pens are perfect for those moments of the work day when you find yourself bored and just need to distract yourself with something fun.