ToothTag Lets You Exploit Your Smartphone's Full Potential

 - May 8, 2011
References: neuaer & laughingsquid
ToothTag is a new Android app that lets you tag WiFi and Bluetooth connections. Once you have tagged a WiFi or Bluetooth connection, you can assign it rules such as loading up Foursquare and checking you in or playing a certain song.

ToothTag lets you exploit your smartphone to its fullest potential without actually having to do anything. Imagine being able to check in simply by picking up a WiFi connection, or knowing that your friend is nearby because your phone detected her Bluetooth signal. Perhaps the best part about ToothTag is that it has been designed to be built upon. NeuAer, the company behind the app, actively encourages people to build on the app and increase its functionality. Currently the app is only available for Android phones, bu NeuAer does plan to release an iPhone version shortly. Check out the video to learn more.