Custom Tooth Art?

I, in my naivety, thought that I had seen the last frontier for body tattoos when I saw people getting inked inside their eyes. I was so wrong! But it never occurred to me that some people would want to get tattoos on their teeth!

Tooth artist (what is that? A trade, a craft or a profession?) Heward Dental labs can create custom-made, hand-painted artwork on your teeth. Having been in business in this industry for 30 years, "We have found that there is a lack of true artists in our industry. Our technicians were trained first to be artists and then taught how to construct teeth. "

Inventorspost says, "They say that you will have your very own custom crown in 6 easy steps which include obtaining a prescription, picking out your artwork, deciding where you want it, and visiting your dentist to have it put in place."

Prices for the dental work range anywhere from $75 to $500. How bizarre.

If that's too much, you could just try adding a bit of sparkle to your fangs...