Toni's Eierlikor Uses Material and Text to Express its Values

 - Mar 8, 2013
References: & thedieline
Consumers have learned to make assumptions about the quality and priorities of a brand, based on the materials used to make the wrapper and the way that the contents are described. Toni's Eierlik├Âr packaging has a distinctively earthy look that people can deduce from its brown card carton and its accents in green.

The Moodley studio used 100% recyclable cardboard to manufacture the boxes that protect the more fragile drink containers. Clear glass bottles -- also recyclable and reusable -- hold the fine egg liqueur. The brand identity strives for simplicity with white sticker labels and empty space. A casual and approachable air is struck with a handwritten typeface. The natural and friendly-looking features of Toni's Eierlik├Âr packaging suggest the freedom that the company wishes to promote, referencing the good and healthy life of their treasured hens.