Design Your Headstone Lets Users Customize End of Life Monuments

 - May 6, 2015
References: designyourown-headstone
This tombstone design website lets users customize their end of life monument to their liking. The virtual design platform may sound morbid to some but gives one an opportunity to personalize their headstone in minutes. This easy-to-use web tool features custom tombstone shapes and lets users engrave names and inscriptions in a variety of texts.

Once users have chosen the shape and text of their tombstone design, they are able to accent it with photographic inlays, frames and other decorative motifs that will vary according to budget.

While designing, users are also given the changing price of their monument and can add or remove elements depending on preference or cost limitations. While the idea of death can be daunting to many, this web platform lets users customize a monument that will later serve as way to remember of their lives.