'Tom Haverfoods' is a Site for Tom Haverford of Parks & Recreation

 - Apr 28, 2011
References: tomhaverfoods & eater
In last week's episode of the public works comedy 'Parks and Recreation,' Tom Haverford (played by comedy actor Aziz Ansari) had a segment in which he revealed his unique vocabulary for food and everyday objects. Now there's a website called 'Tom Haverfoods,' made by fans, that has somehow tapped into the character's imaginative mind and is full of quirky new names for food, among other things.

This online lexicon for Tom Haverford includes lines such as "Tofu is NATURAL SPONGES," "Pajamas are BAD MAMA JAMAS." Just click on the phrases to see another random one appear.

You can also suggest new food and items if you feel like there are more things in your world that needs to be better-defined by Tom Haverford.