This Tokyo Flash Watch Isn't Suitable For Math Haters

 - Jan 19, 2009
References: tokyoflash
I came across these snazzy new watches from Tokyoflash, but because it makes me do math to tell the time, I want to kill the designer who probably thought this is the best idea ever. Seriously.

I have a digital watch. Watches without numbers on them baffle me. I look at Movado watches and am like, "hunh? Why?" ‘Cause I can’t tell the fricken time on it.

Apparently the yellow bars indicate hours, the red dots are 5 minute intervals and the green dots are 1 minute intervals. You have to add all that up in order to figure out the time. Can you imagine getting the time from some sucker wearing this watch? Some hot chick asks, "Hey mister, do you have the time?" "Yah, yah, it’s 5 plus 7 times" and by that time, the sex on legs has already walked away.