Toad Side Table Supports Itself with the Help of Three Stacked Stools

 - Jul 10, 2012
References: philippbeisheim & blog.leibal
Your usual furnishings put the concept of balance out of your mind with rational and symmetrical designs that quietly communicate stability. While the Toad Side Table does not blatantly emphasize the unusual setup of its supportive structure, it does embody a playfulness that challenges the familiar use of legs.

Philipp Beisheim's piece incorporates three circular surfaces and three broadening legs of different lengths, all cut from soft ash wood and sanded to reveal smooth wood grain patterns. Each of the round tabletops has at least one hole in it, designed so that pegs and leg-top dowels can be be slotted inside. The Toad Side Table can be arranged into a number of unique configurations and provides an adorable three-register surface for setting down drinks, books and more.