The Tmouse 2 Reduces Fatigue and Improves Efficiency for Gamers

 - Jan 25, 2018
References: indiegogo
Hardcore gamers need to make a ton of moves in a small amount of time using their mice alone, and the Tmouse 2 is a new gaming mouse that should make those efforts far easier. The mouse is radically reshaped when compared to the average computer mouse, adding several buttons and features that increase its capabilities without also increasing the amount of movements that a gamer needs to make with their fingers.

It doesn't take a pro gamer to see the difference between a Tmouse 2 and any other computer mouse. The product has what seems to be a divot dug into the front side, and that gap houses a screen and several buttons. The screen is a touchpad for scrolling, and the buttons include the standard left and right click as well as forward and back buttons, a DPI button, and a middle click.