Titbit Kiosks Encourage Impulse Buys and Add-Ons

 - Feb 5, 2018
References: titbitinc
Modern consumers increasingly expect to face short waiting times and seamless service, and Titbit kiosks give restaurants and hospitality establishments the tools they need to satisfy that expectation. The standing kiosks dramatically speed up the ordering process at businesses with a high volume of customers while still providing each of them with an optimized experience.

Titbit kiosks are ideal for places like theme parks or stadiums and arenas. In those situations, it can be difficult for staff to consistently push add-ons and upsell on high margin items, not to mention the added time that those pitches create in an already busy atmosphere. Titbit kiosks increase the efficiency of ordering while still showing every single customer the best upsells, since those items are built into the interface.