Titanic Disney Princesses by Isaiah K. Stephens is a Clever Series

 - Apr 27, 2016
References: cosmopolitan & designtaxi
Cosmopolitan recently asked an artist to mashup two set of cult classics in the Titanic Disney Princess series. Cleverly executed, Isaiah K. Stephens managed to pair iconic scenes from the beloved movie with the right Disney characters. For instance, Belle and the Beast reenact the nude painting scene while The Little Mermaid and Prince Eric take on the more heart-wrenching scene in the water before his death.

Essentially touching on the most important romantic scenes in the movie, the Titanic Disney Princess series will have people wanting to re-watch it for nostalgic reasons. Perhaps they will even marathon the Disney films as well. Although there have been countless Disney reinterpretations, this one is one of the more creative ones and really fits the personality of the characters involved.