These Photos Imagine Tiny People Interacting with Everyday Objects

 - Oct 29, 2015
References: facebook & boredpanda
Thai photographer and designer Poy takes photos of tiny people figurines and has them live and interact with ordinary life-sized objects.

Poy's inspiration for the posed and miniature figurines comes from the Japanese animation 'Arrietty' by Studio Ghibli. In the animated feature, minuscule people live amongst normal-sized humans who are unaware of their presence. These tiny people photos take on a hyper imaginative and surreal approach in their execution. Poy has his figurines interact and re-purpose everyday objects in an often quirky and humorous manner.

Sometime the figurines seem to be helping the life-sized world through team work. Popcorn kernels being tossed through a flame, a guitar being restrung with dental floss, and deflated grapes being filled with grape soda are just some of the activities these tiny characters get up to.