This Tiny Chip Sensor Allows Doctors to See Within Your Arteries

 - Feb 27, 2014
References: & theverge
Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology created a tiny chip sensor that takes real-time images from within a patient's heart.

This microscopic sensor was created to guide doctors through heart surgery while allowing to to unclog arteries without performing major surgery. The chip is made of silicon and is 1.4 millimeters in size. Once placed inside the subject, it can take 3D images of the heart as well as the coronary arteries and surrounding blood vessels. The chip uses volumetric imaging to give doctors a reading of the movements within the patient.

The chip is made with the same technology that is used in cellphone cameras and webcams, which consists of a pixel sensor, and uses ultrasound to transmit data through the device. While the chip flows through the blood vessels, it also provides 3D images along the way. If this gadget is put in place at hospitals, it can save many patients from unnecessary surgery by giving doctors a sense of the patient's health before its too late.