A Rustic Timber Staircase Marks the Center of a London Flat

 - May 7, 2018
References: dezeen
Even in the middle of a major metropolis like London, everyone appreciates a bit of a rustic and rural feel, and the timber staircase rising through the center of this Shepherd's Bush flat. The staircase, which was designed by 'Waind Gohel and Potter Architects', features an intricate imbrication of timber that was fabricated off site and assembled carefully within the apartment itself.

Off-site fabrication isn't a new concept in architecture, but the precision of the timber staircase here is worth pointing out. The pieces fit together smoothly with hardly any materials beyond the timber itself. The handrail is attached via metal brackets, but the majority of the remaining design makes use of engineered larch alone.

The design of the staircase was created in-house by Waind Gohel and Potter, saving money over outsourcing it to an engineering firm while also creating something bespoke for the flat.

Image Credit: Anthony Coleman