Thor's Hammer is Brought to Life by Caleb Kraft

 - May 6, 2013
References: youtube & gizmodo
Cosplaying is a fun activity that many people practice on a regular basis, but some people like to take cosplaying to a whole other level by embellishing their outfits with all sorts of extravagant paraphernalia, just like this real-life imitation of Thor's hammer.

From the YouTube channel of 'Hack a Day,' Caleb Kraft re-creates Thor's Mjolnir hammer, along with 80,000 volts of live electricity. The imitation of the Norse God's hammer is equipped with small tesla coil that was built by Staci Elaan. In the video, you can see the currents of electricity bursting out of the hammer. The wattage emitting from the hammer is strong enough to charge fluorescent lights and light bulbs.

The hammer created by Kraft will surely dazzle any fan of the Norse god.