Thoman Cian Immortalizes His Closest Friends in His Drawings

Thomas Cian offers viewers a glimpse into his personal life by releasing a set of graphite drawings from the pages of his sketchbook. This particular sketchbook is reserved for drawings of Cian's friends, a diverse crowd of people from all walks of life.

The portraits are, unsurprisingly, intimate and affectionate re-interpretations of his closest pals. Though each drawing is simple -- Cian uses only graphite -- they somehow manage to capture the essence of the individual in question. Indeed, they appear to come to life in the pages of Cian's well-worn, moleskin sketchbook. Cian's sharp eye and keen attention to detail is impossible to ignore.

Though the drawings are soulful and personal, I can't imagine any member of Cian's inner circle protesting their release; they are simply too beautiful.