These Thom Thom Billboard Artwork Redefine Traditional Advertising

 - Jun 2, 2011
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This exquisite Thom Thom billboard artwork is unique among street art pieces. Collage work of this nature is striking and impactful. Working only on billboards with particular advertisements, usually the ones that feature beautiful women, the artist cuts, slashes, slices, and re-sticks their pieces -- reorganizing the ad message to upgrade it into meaningful street art.

The works required long hours and extreme patience, but all was not lost as the public nature of the art allowed Thom Thom to explain to curious onlookers the inner-workings of his craft. This element of understanding from viewers is so important to Thom Thom that the video above was made so that he could share his slow and delicate process of artistic genius with audiences unable to experience it in realtime.

Colorful, brilliant and thought-provoking, the Thom Thom Billboard artwork is street art with a meaning and a message.