This Wearable Device Allows Limb Movements to Be Accurately Tracked

 - May 22, 2014
References: bpmpro & gizmag
This wearable device, called the BPMphysio, aims to give physicians and physiotherapists an advanced alternative to the old-school methods often used to measure the movement of body parts. The BPMphysio is fitted with a variety of sensors to measure movement accurately, and is primarily designed towards aiding physiotherapists.

This wearable device is equipped with an accelerometer, magnetometer and air pressure sensors that enable it to detect limb movement. Bluetooth connectivity allows for data to be relayed to an accompanying computer program.

The device is strapped to the particular limb that needs to be studied. As the limb moves, the device transmits the data to a PC or tablet, and displays relevant information on-screen.

The BPMphysio is already available in Europe, Australia and the Middle East and is likely to be rolled out in the US shortly.