This Therapeutic Program Helps the Formerly Incarcerated

The 'Severn Project' is a therapeutic program that employs individuals from socially-excluded demographics, including those who have struggled with substance abuse and the formerly incarcerated. While many people find gardening to be a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, the activity can be even more meaningful for those who have struggled to find their place in society. This program uses gardening to help those who have a checkered past.

The Severn Project was set up by Steve Glover, who managed to recover from his own addition problems. Glover felt that gardening could be a meaningful way to help those who have struggled with similar issues. The therapeutic program helps workers heal while also providing food for restaurants in the south west of England. As Glover explains, "we’re not just growing food here. We’re also growing people’s abilities and confidence."

The program demonstrates how gardening can be a therapeutic activity for former inmates and those who have struggled with substance abuse.