TheCHEF Helps You Shop and Delegate to Produce Scrumptious Suppers

 - Oct 1, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
The beloved iPad has certainly enhanced the home-cooking experience, but check out theCHEF, which has been designed deliberately to be your hi-tech meal preparation aid. Merve Coşkun's proposal for Electrolux suggests a wrist-worn electronic device with which it's a great deal easier to interact when you've got busy hands.

TheCHEF is particularly useful for people who like to cook in groups. With a social network called theCOOKBOOK and the assistance of a smartphone app, family members and friends can decide on recipes, divvy up the shopping lists and divide the necessary tasks in the kitchen, from chopping to stirring to doing the dishes. Detailed instructions are given by theCHEF device, and you can easily navigate the interface with gentle tapping and touch-free waving gestures.