The Tesla Roadster Will Be the Fastest Production Car Ever

 - Nov 17, 2017
References: theverge
The Tesla Roadster, the newest electric vehicle slated to be released by the young automaker, is being touted as the fastest production vehicle of all time. To be clear, it won't be the fastest electric vehicle ever — once released, it will take the mantle as the fastest consumer vehicle, whether gas-powered or otherwise.

Though the Tesla Roadster hasn't yet been released, its promised specs upend conventional wisdom about vehicle speed and power. Most assume that for truly ferocious speed and nimble quickness, vehicles need hybrid engines at the very least. However, the fully electric Roadster can allegedly go 0 to 60 in just 1.9 seconds, making it the only production vehicle to break the two-second mark. Beyond speed alone, the Roadster will also be practically functional, with a range of 620 miles per charge.