The Publican Serves Up Farmhouse Fare in a Beer Hall-Style Space

With many consumers eager to return to a simpler way of eating, Chicago's 'The Publican' serves as the perfect example of how seasonal menus based on local ingredients are quickly becoming the norm.

The Publican is a Chicago-based restaurant concept that serves up a simple farmhouse menu in a space that is reminiscent of a European beer hall. The idea behind the restaurant is to showcase the bounty of fresh, seasonal ingredients in a space that is both relaxing and inviting. Some of the restaurant's most popular dishes include its Farm Chicken and Fisherman's Stew, both of which are simple, yet exceptionally flavorful.

Although there are plenty of places in Chicago that are taking food to the extreme, The Publican demonstrates the joy of serving simple farmhouse fare -- something that those attending Trend Hunter's Chicago innovation conference will be sure to take note of.