'The Patient Gardener' is a Steadily Changing and Evolving Exhibition

 - Oct 26, 2011
References: visiondivision & treehugger
Slow design is a concept popularized by Visiondivision, and involves furniture and exhibitions whose overall aesthetic evolves with time, similar to the way natural structures bend and warp with age, and 'The Patient Gardener' proves the appeal and necessity of this design philosophy.

The Patient Gardener exhibition consists of 10 cherry trees that have been planted in an 8-meter diameter ring. Once they begin to mature, the architects at the Stockholm-based Visiondivision plan on pruning, bending, pulling and regulating the light of the trees to produce a comfortable and serene space. Intriguingly, the installment, which requires a degree of patient diligence, is intended for on-campus studying, which demands the same virtues. Although the computer-generated visuals are staggering to witness, students at the Politecnico di Milano will have to wait another 60 years before revising their lectures inside The Patient Gardener.