'The Original Manuscripts' by Grant Snider Describes Books Pre-Publication

 - Aug 14, 2013
References: incidentalcomics & laughingsquid
Grant Snider's honest and perceptive comics have held the Internet's attention for years; his latest creation, 'The Original Manuscripts,' only serves to further his reputation as one of the cleverest and most original animators out there.

'The Original Manuscripts' provides readers with a cheeky look at what books are like before they're published, based on stereotypes surrounding different genres. For instance, the mystery novel is depicted as an elegant, spiral-bound notebook surrounded by a flickering candle and lemon juice (to yellow the pages). The political expose is shown as a thick sheaf of papers locked in a gray, metal suitcase, a dig at politicians' eagerness to keep their secrets locked away.

Possibly the funniest frame of Snider's comic is that of metafiction, or fiction that tries to transcend fiction. Snider has simply drawn an ordinary-looking book, with the title: 'This is not a book.' Since metafiction is in itself a rather goofy concept, Snider's goofy drawings are the perfect fit.

With this comic, book nerds everywhere will chuckle at Snider's harsh, yet honest, depictions of different genres and the writers behind them, from true crime to self-help and beyond.