The Lomo Colorsplash 35mm Camera

 - May 4, 2007
References: shop.lomography
If you like something different when you take photos, then you should check out the Lomo Colorsplash 35mm camera. It's not your typical camera design. It's fun and visually-pleasing with it's retro-chic meets futuristic-plastic design. What young and hip trendy person wouldn't want to toss one of these in their pack and take tres cool photos on the go? The two key elements that make this camera technology something worth talking about are the color wheel (that thing that sticks out from the side) it's got four colors to choose from to change your subjects color and it's done with a simple twist of the wheel. The other cool bit is the shutter that can be left open as long a you have your finger on the trigger. What does that mean? If you take an instant photo you get colorized subject photos (see the photo of the guy with the pink belly). If you hold down the trigger for a long shutter photo, you get acid freak coloring behind your subjects. For even more fun, hold down the trigger and jiggle the camera before releasing and you will have clear subjects in psychedelic-motion backgrounds. Great for party-people everywhere! By the way, it takes a plain old regular photo too, but why would you want to?