The Hoverpen is Thoughtfully Designed and Appears to Defy Gravity

 - Apr 15, 2019
References: kickstarter
Masterfully engineered to defy gravity and beautifully designed to provoke curiosity, the Hoverpen is a never-before-seen blend of modern technology and the traditional writing instrument.

Most consumers take notes electronically, send mail via the internet, and even doodle with a mouse cursor, resulting in most people forgetting about calming feel of a real pen in the hand. This pen adds a bit of magic to the mundane writing utensil, ultimately bringing wonder back into the world of writing. The Hoverpen Uses magnetic repulsion technology, to stand against the long-oppressive force of gravity. Built from space-grade titanium, the Hoverpen is designed to turn heads in the office.

The Hoverpen is more than a scientific marvel, it is a welcome distraction to any busy mind and its exquisite craftsmanship will turn any desktop into a showcase. Sometimes it’s hard to start conversations.